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Mini Wallets!

February 1, 2012, 3:23 am

Mini Wallets

Mini Wallet

A slimmer, more durable version of the pocket wallet. These little guys measure about 4.5 by 3 inches when folded. They have a snap closure and two pockets for your cards and cash. Put them in your back pocket when you don’t want to carry a purse or use them with a clutch that is too small for your every day wallet. They also make great business card cases. Find them in the wallets section of the shop.

New clutch purses!

, 2:58 am

New Clutch Purses

New Clutch Purses

These clutches have a more rigid body than the previous ones, and the side panels are made from faux leather. They have an asymmetrical flap and an elastic strap that wraps around a painted button for the closure.

Under Construction

October 3, 2011, 1:27 pm

I’m working on my site, so if it looks weird, don’t freak out.

Handmade Kindle Covers!

September 14, 2011, 4:11 pm

I’ve been working on my kindle cover pattern for weeks now, and I’ve finally got it right:

Handmade Kindle Cover

Handmade Kindle Cover

Each case features a one of a kind applique on the front. I hand cut, glue and sew them on. They are padded with a double layer of felt made from recycled plastic bottles. Here’s a picture of the inside:

Inside of Kindle Cover

Inside of Kindle Cover

Originally, I was going to go with a moleskin notebook style that closed with an elastic strap, but decided that I wanted the Kindle to be protected on all sides. The zipper closure works perfectly for that. The cover folds back like a book and the Kindle is secured in place with industrial strength Velcro, so you never have to remove it from the case if you don’t want to. I went with Velcro because I prefer the clean look and there simply isn’t enough room on the Kindle 3 to use elastic corner straps or pockets without covering the buttons.

I read a lot of reviews of other covers before I started making these, and saw that a lot of people were concerned about putting ┬ásticky Velcro on their Kindles. I assume that’s because they think it will never come off. Well, guess what. It’s super easy to get Velcro off your Kindle! Simply peel up a corner, soak a Q-tip in Acetone, and run the Q-tip back and forth across the glue, peeling the Velcro up as you go. Acetone is cheap and can be found in most drug stores near the nail polish remover. I’ve used this method several times on my Kindle and have seen no damage to my Kindle’s case. It did leave a perfectly clean white square on the back, but that’s easily remedied with a moist wipe. So, don’t be afraid of Velcro!

At the moment, I’m only doing cases for the Kindle 3. I’ve had requests for Nook covers and Kindle 2 covers, but having never seen either of these e-readers in real life, I’m putting a hold on making those cases until I can get my hands on the actual devices. I will be working on an ipad cases very soon. Stay tuned!