Faux Suede Makes My Dreams Come True…..Almost.

April 4, 2010, 11:53 pm

handmade Blue Suede Pleated Hobo Shoulder Bag

I’ve had a picture of this bag in my mind for months. I even had dreams about sewing it up. I had tried to do similar pleats in cotton, but it was just too flimsy. The bags would go into the washing machine looking perfect and come out a wrinkly scrunched up mess.  Last week, I got a piece of bright blue faux suede in the mail, and my dreams came true.  It’s the perfect fabric for these soft pleats. I was so happy.

Now, after staring at the bag for a week, I’ve discovered that I don’t really like suede. Even in bright colors, it’s just a little bit too country for me. I want my bags to be rock and roll in the fall and yacht rock in the summer. I’ll make one more of these bags with my last piece of pink suede, and then I’m done.  It’s time to buy some leather!

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One Response to “Faux Suede Makes My Dreams Come True…..Almost.”

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