Mario Kart Mardi Gras!

March 10, 2011, 1:30 am

I’d like to tell you about the awesome new bags that I’ve been working on all week, but I can’t. I haven’t done any sewing this week, and here’s why:

mario kart mardi gras costume

Krewe of Mario Kart!

My friends and I decided that we wanted to be Mario Kart characters for Mardi Gras. Yes, we are big fat nerds. I also figured it would be a good way to test my skills in sculpting things out of cardboard. I started working on these karts months ago, with help from the dudes in the picture there, and spent the last week scrambling to get everything finished.

We started by building the frames with strips of cardboard:

Mario kart Bullet Bike Frame

Bullet Bike Frame

Then we covered the frame with paper mache, painted the outside, and hot glued some cup holders to the inside of the karts. Finally, we used webbing to make shoulder straps and took to the streets.

Cheep charger mario kart costume

Mario in the Cheep Charger

wario piranha prowler costume

Wario in the Piranha Prowler

toad bullet bike costume

Toad in the Bullet Bike

birdo wild wing costume

Birdo in the Wild Wing

It was a pretty great day. In fact, I think it was the best Mardi Gras of my adult life. If you’re not already scratching your head and wondering why you should care about my Mardi Gras costume, you can see about a kabillion photos from the day here: Flickr

And now back to business. Since I have nothing new in the way of bags for you, I’ve decided to do a post-Mardi Gras coupon code! Use the code MARDIGRAS during checkout for 15% off your order. Expires Saturday at midnight.

Happy Mario Gras!

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